People powered retail execution delivering brand impact.

PnS partners with clients to execute on their retail and in-store marketing brand strategies with precision, speed and agility. We work closely with clients to maximise their profitable growth, leveraging our shopper, category and channel insights. Innovative planning, analytics and immersion in our client’s businesses help us tailor and refine resource planning to ensure we’re focused to make the most of every opportunity for our client’s brands. This enables us in turn to grow our people and their potential as a catalyst for greater social impact.


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Operational excellence supported by leading technology solutions.

What we do

Deliver brand IMPACT

On shelf availability

Right channel, category flow, brand position on shelf, correctly priced. In stock. All the time. We’re evolving as the retail landscape does to ensure we understand every juncture of the shopper journey and how we can advantage our client’s brands.

On shelf merchandising. Right channel, category flow, brand position on shelf, correctly priced. In stock. All the time.


Technology is an essential platform on which we’re able to accomplish our client’s missions and manage our operations. It delivers far beyond this however. Central to winning at the shelf is the dynamic joining, integration and refinement of the collective data of all stakeholders to drive efficiencies.

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Shopper marketing

We can assist ensuring that the shopper experience of your brand is an integrated one that delivers the impact you intended. From the simplest solutions to highly technical and longer-term brand building programmes, let us partner you to build brand love.

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Retail advisory

Navigating retail is a maze in a quickly evolving landscape that’s competitive and demanding. Negotiations need to be informed by data and compelling commercial insight into both the market and their businesses.

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Influence the Shopper Journey

Cultivate brand choice, trial and trust by stand out in-store execution and shopper experiences.