Strategy and the best plans are nothing without exceptional execution, and this is the PnS difference. We get it done with discipline, passion and grit, often against the odds. This is made possible by a remarkable culture of commitment to our purpose – delivering growth for our clients so that we can grow ourselves and evolve. We build people potential, one shelf at a time. The difference we make in delivering our clients strategies has resulted in them often experiencing growth ahead of competitors and often well ahead of the retailer’s category growth.

Growing People Potential

Remarkable Commitment

Our teams push every day to achieve the sales and volume growth our clients have set. Our success and opportunity is tied to our clients, and the business is built around their evolving needs in a shifting retail landscape.

Our staff are brand evangelists and understand the critical role they play in maximising the availability and visibility of the brands we’re trusted with building in-store. Our Pyramid reward and recognition programme includes Monthly Hero’s, Quarterly Values Warriors and then regional and national champions annually across job roles and geographies. We want every employee to stretch and achieve their potential, and to champion them on their journey.

I am PnS: A culture of Ownership

The promises we make clients belong to every single employee, and we champion the principles of personal ownership. It is both our individual and collective responsibility to achieve our mission, even if this means stepping out of your role to ensure success.

Leadership at every level is encouraged, as is proactivity and problem solving. The establishment of a PacknStack Staff Trust of 25% of the then business has been a major contributor to a pervasive culture of ownership that has persisted and flourished. PnS has had the privilege of retaining many long serving staff who have been important contributors to our journey and success…
  • I started working for PnS as a young boy on 15th of February 1988, over 30 years ago! The reason that I’ve stayed with PnS is because I felt a sense of belonging. I knew it would help create a better future. Today I have achieved many things I’ve wanted to in life. With the money earned I’ve a built beautiful house, I have a happy home and was able to send my kids to school. I am proud to be a part of this organisation.

    ~ Karabo Mogale: PnS
  • When I joined PnS 20 years ago I had no idea what merchandising means, I have learned a lot since then, and the exposure of working with different people has help to develop myself esteem. I love my job and my company and I am glad for the opportunity given to serve to learn and to grow personally and intellectually

    ~ Thelma Ramakutwane: PnS Field Marketer
  • Only one reason that made me stay with PnS for over 30 years is the culture, ethics and humanity. They understand that we are all human being and sometimes make mistakes, PnS will always give you a second chance to prove yourself.

    ~ Victor Motaung: PnS Field Marketer
  • Company values made me stick around for this long. 2 of my children are currently in university. I am husband, a father and a provider because of PnS. Growth for the company means growth me and my family.

    ~ Klaas Tshoenyane: PnS Field Marketer
  • The ethos of the company makes me proud, the manner in which we treat employees and the world class customer base we own.

    ~ Quinton Small: SAB General Manager
  • It took me from zero to where I am today, from a merchandiser to Divisional Manager. The leadership of the organisation showed me how passionate they are about their employees and their progress in life and career. Living the organisation values is what drives every employee’s successes and growth. I love being called a PnS employee.

    ~ Zakhele Ngomane: PnS Divisional Manager
  • To me, PnS means Home, Rewarder, Provider, a company where dreams can be achievable.

    ~ Lucas Matome: National Call Centre Agent
  • I am proud we are growing every year by getting more clients by winning on the ground. This means lots of opportunities.

    ~ Linda Mabuya: PnS Area Sales Manager
  • I appreciate the manner in which they treat employees. I’ve never felt like an outsider from day 1. My kids are all grown now, the last born is in Matric and I will be going on pension soon. I appreciate the opportunities and the life PnS afforded me and my family.

    ~ Anna Motsahae: PnS Field Marketer
  • I am proud of being part of an ever-growing business that really are doing the best possible to look after their people and not only looking at the profits. Yes, profits are very important, however through the past year being part of the PnS team I am honestly amazed about the concern the company has for their employees.

    ~ Jaco Ellis: PnS Divisional Manager

Retail Channels

Retail channels each have unique field team requirements and systems. PnS operations teams are focussed on ensuring their brands unique retailer specific strategies are executed. This includes ensuring retailer systems, ongoing orders and pricing are keeping pace. In higher influence environments more sales dedicated teams are tasked to ensure listings are pulled through and any gaps are closed. Channel specialists are focussed professionals who ensure clients interests are fully served by working at regional and national levels with retail management teams. This retail specialisation assists our teams to add value to brand plans in-store, driving NPD and campaign activity.

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    Luxury Supers

  • Pharmacy

    Retail Pharmacy
    Corporate Groups

  • Specialist

    General Merchandise
    Electro Stores

  • Wholesale

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  • Convenience


Exceptional Execution // Success Stories

A Partner for the Future in Africa

Inclusive Diversity

Transformation and inclusivity is at the heart of enabling growth, for our business and the economy. We’re committed to continuously pursue all facets of transformation and empowerment, improving the lives of our employees, while adding value for all our clients. PnS has a Level One BBBEE rating, with a Procurement Recognition Level of 135%. This rating adds significant capacity to the company in the areas of employment equity, skills development, preferential procurement, enterprise development and socioeconomic development. Skills development is part of our culture and involves training of historically disadvantaged individuals to prepare for positions up to and including executive level. The programme includes apprenticeship programmes, coaching, mentorship, leadership and commercial training.

SA Heritage, Regional strength

With more than forty-six years under the African sun, the PnS Group is rooted in South and southern Africa. This is where our heart and focus is. While we’re proudly South African, the CA&S Group we are an integral part of, operates across Southern Africa in eight countries. The businesses work closely together sharing best practice and technologies. Retail in emerging markets is rapidly formalising, driven by urbanisation in major centres. A partner for the future in Africa, delivering for clients enables us to craft opportunity for the people of our continent, sewing dignity and hope. Impacting tomorrow.