What we do

On shelf availability

Right channel, category flow, brand position on shelf, correctly priced. In stock. All the time.

We’re evolving as the retail landscape does to ensure we understand every juncture of the shopper journey and how we can advantage our client’s brands. Ongoing brand and variant availability are achieved by meticulous planning, scientific resource allocation and a proactive approach to the ongoing management of store processes and systems. Potential supply chain issues are actively managed to ensure our clients brands are in stock, all the time, and looking their best. Every opportunity in-store, maximised.

PnS operates multiple syndicated, dedicated and hybrid field teams, that are category and channel appropriate.

Replenishment, building on-shelf brand visibility and optimising category and brand flow is the cornerstone of what we do. Merchandising services go beyond this however to ensure our client’s interests are served by defending approved and appropriate brand forward share, ensuring promotional space is allocated and there’s sufficient additional stock in the pipeline. Retailer systems are monitored so order and any pricing changes are actively managed. New product listings and deliveries are tracked and stock modelling regularly revisited as rate of sale increases. We ensure continuity of on shelf availability.

Field Sales are achieved by a blend of synergised and dedicated teams to proactively increase sales where we have the ability to influence store orders.

A dynamic approach ensures we’re responsive to new product listings, promotional demand surges and seasonal shifts in consumption. Professional sales stories and display suggestions are developed, backed up by store specific performance data to inform discussions and negotiations.

Productive, respectful relationships make all the difference in being able to influence outcomes.

We work from the store floor right up to retailer’s head offices, partnering our clients to assist them to build Key Account and category business plans that retailers respond to because they’re mutually beneficial and deliver sustainable growth. We then ensure those plans are executed in time and in full.


Technology is an essential platform on which we’re able to accomplish our client’s missions and manage our operations.

It delivers far beyond this however. Central to winning at the shelf is the dynamic joining, integration and refinement of the collective data of all stakeholders to drive efficiencies.

PnS software facilitates the efficient deployment and compliance management of teams and their daily tasks, workload prioritisation and reporting.

Customised order taking modules, ad-hoc trackers and image recognition capabilities are some additional features. PnS collaborates closely with our clients and customers to interrogate all stakeholder data sets in order to unlock efficiency and opportunity on a continuous basis. We see the integration and analysis of field data, along with loyalty, sales and third-party data as critical in identifying potential growth nodes for brands at a local level.

Ensuring consistent brand availability in the right store profiles is challenged by fierce competition for limited shelf space and fluctuating demand.

Smaller store formats and widespread geographies mean planning and resource allocation need careful consideration. We use data to benchmark client’s commercial criteria for the returns they’re looking for in order to provide route-to-market advice and co-create customer service plans.

Our E-Learning Platform enables us to deliver training remotely by employee profile. From Induction and Standard Operating Procedures to Client specific standards training and Promotional information by channel, store and role.

Our Staff Portal for company News and announcements is updated weekly. Content includes informational electronic “Journeys”, videos, games and polls and can be experienced and interacted with by all employees, even those with no company devices. Critical announcements are pushed out with data that are accessed via SMS link notifications.

Shopper marketing

We can assist ensuring that the shopper experience of your brand is an integrated one that delivers the impact you intended.

Whether it’s maximising off shelf opportunity, cross-merchandising and building seasonal promotional theatre or it’s having a quality conversation designed to connect and convert. From the simplest solutions to highly technical and longer-term brand building programmes, let us partner you to build brand love.

Tasked with the efficient implementation of point of purchase strategy, including POS and display erection.

Teams take delivery of and build POS units from substantial, permanent gondola ends to promotional cardboard items like stands, bins and various shelf attachments.

Specialist technical POS projects are handled by over 40 expert hit teams nationally, with extensive technical and creative skills, including electricians and carpenters. We’ve been appointed regional representatives for two of the world’s largest leading point-of-purchase and merchandising solution companies.

Let us help you sell more… Recruited, trained and mentored sales-oriented staff are immersed in client’s brands to ensure they can educate and sell their benefits and advantages.

We focus first on understanding the shopper mission and consideration set before offering them solutions. We tell brand stories and build experiences that are distinctive and memorable.

Programmes are designed to build conversion, market share and longer-term brand loyalty.

Retail advisory

Navigating retail is a maze in a quickly evolving landscape that’s competitive and demanding.

Retailers walk a tightrope in managing inventory to balance shopper choice and cost control, with the additional pressures of mounting environmental issues and the growth of online. Negotiations need to be informed by data and compelling commercial insight into both the market and their businesses.

Trend based, true innovation within a category and differentiated customer plans are key in negotiations and joint customer business planning.

We partner clients to turn data into insights strategies and plans that deliver increased volumes and value over time. Strategy is evolved against a menu of critical customer considerations that span consumer and shopper insights, commercial and environmental factors amongst others. We assist clients to develop end-to-end route-to-market strategies to unlock brand and business potential.

Our team of Industry experts and practitioners have extensive experience across multiple functions on both the Retailer and the Manufacturer sides.

We can assist your teams develop their brand and category plans or run capability training to develop their critical thinking skills and give them the tools and background they need for quality customer engagement. Services include data analytics and specialist retail recruitment services. The team is also able to assist with geographical expansion support into Africa, the UK, Europe, Asia and the US.