Data-share drives critical NPD Deadlines

The Challenge

One of the world’s largest food and beverage manufacturer had experienced ongoing challenges with time lags on the distribution of their new products. At the time of onboarding with PnS this was at an alarming 55% after a 6-week period. Information provided to Field Teams by the client was out of alignment with store systems listings and ranging.


To deliver a 95% distribution strike rate within two weeks from listing, by ensuring that client key accounts and Operations were aligned with what had been captured onto customer systems – identifying and closing gaps.

Impact Delivered

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Negotiating with customers for access to their instore platforms, which gave us the ability to highlight listing gaps and misalignments.

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Systematically unlocking the opportunities, the data highlighted to align all stakeholders’ systems and enable orders, then accurately track increasing speed to market with each consequent innovation.

The NPD strike rate went from 55% to just under 70% from a Listing perspective after a short time period, and from an instore vs actual listing to 98% over 6 weeks and tracking. Improved collaboration with all stakeholders continues to deliver improvements and benefit for all stakeholders.