Category Disrupted

The Challenge

A category leading diaper brand was to relaunch their entire range, re-configuring their previous consumer offering, a first in the established and competitive sector. It was big news that needed a big presence to make a statement that things had changed. It had to get diaper shoppers’ positive attention.


Get diaper shopper’s positive attention. Ensure that the relaunch and category re-set was centre-stage. Sell out the older packs while at the same time negotiating as much real estate for big, bold, unmissable displays to drive awareness and build sales growth.

Impact Delivered

< 1 >

Focused teams with tight targets and deadlines delivered shopper-stopping displays across the country, in the front of store, in bins, on ends – and anywhere the stores allowed us additional real estate, all of which was not paid for.

< 2 >

Productive in-store relationships resulted in Managers working with our field teams to allocate the additional real estate and then order in the additional stock to enhance the impact of the launch.

< 3 >

A fundamental category change that did not result in any lost sales, but instead set the foundation for the brand to continue to build on its category leading position. A few months later the brand passed the established category leader as SA’s No.1 Diaper choice.