Crafting futures for sustainable success

An exciting new partnership between PnS and Kukhula

For just over twenty years, Kukhula Training and Skills Development has been tackling the single biggest critical challenge in South Africa; unemployment. The enterprise works across sectors and runs multiple accredited programmes including learnerships and industry training as well as enterprise development programmes for women, youth and people living with disabilities. Their aim is to plant the seeds needed for personal growth and sustainable employment and enterprise. To help shape futures.

The PnS Group and Kukhula have come together in a powerful partnership focussed on transforming communities through skills development and entrepreneurship. The Kukhula ‘New Venture Upcycle’ initiative is a beacon of hope for learners, equipping them with the practical skills and mentorship to start their own businesses, as well as the technical skills to imagine and create beautiful products, transforming waste materials into valuable sellable products.


Transforming communities through skills development and creative entrepreneurship.

PnS is a proud supporter of this innovative social development initiative. The programme is designed to be inclusive and includes reaching out to young individuals with disabilities, the goal being to provide them with the required skills and abilities for employment while also inspiring them to go on their creative entrepreneurial journeys and make a positive difference in their communities.

The heart of the New Venture programme lies in training the participants on the following key areas;

  • Understanding market requirements and managing the relevant marketing and selling processes.
  • Understanding the sector/industry in which the business operates.
  • Determining financial requirements and managing financial resources and business operations of a new venture. Learners are provided with hands-on help to start their business, from CPIC registration to opening low-cost bank accounts.

The practical help to open an business is then built on with vocational training, focusing on utilising waste materials to upcycle and craft distinctive products. The programme and partnership with PnS are designed to empower learners with specific practical skills that are essential for successful business ventures.

What sets Kukhula apart is their strong focus on creating tangible outcomes. While all their training is aligned with South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) unit standards, the organisation’s emphasis is on value addition. They are committed to ensuring that the training they provide leads to changed behavior and, most importantly, has a positive impact on the communities they serve.

The programme and partnership with PnS, is designed to empower.

How this partnership will be making a difference:

Enterprise development and a sustainable income: The products learners create aren’t just aesthetically pleasing; they are a source of sustainable income. This is particularly crucial in communities where job opportunities are limited. Hands on practical help in business basics ensure access to the establishment of the foundation for their businesses.

Creativity: Learners are taught the art of creating remarkable products out of waste materials. This not only sparks their creativity but also encourages them to see the potential in items that others might discard.

Mastering new processes: Learners learn new processes and techniques that allow them to produce professional-quality results. This helps build their confidence and opens doors to various entrepreneurial possibilities.

Waste not: By repurposing all manner of redundant materials, including old PnS uniforms and banners that would otherwise end up in landfills, they are breathing new life into them.

  • Imaginative products produced include:
  • Handbags and Purses: Fashionable accessories with an eco-friendly story
  • Décor Items: Transforming waste into eye-catching decorative items.
  • Rugs: Crafting rugs and carpets that add warmth to living spaces.
  • Dog Toys: Even our four-legged friends benefit from these upcycled treasures.
  • Pencil Cases: Practical and stylish solutions for students and professionals.

The New Venture UpCycle initiative isn’t just about creating beautiful, functional products; it’s also a fantastic opportunity for supplier development. These products will be available for purchase as corporate gifts, aligning the principles of sustainability and eco-consciousness with corporate social responsibility.

The collaboration between PnS Group and Kukhula represents a powerful step toward a more sustainable and prosperous future. By empowering learners to turn waste into wealth, this initiative is not only reducing environmental impact but also creating a brighter, more economically inclusive South Africa.

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