The Trilogy of In-store Impact

The Trilogy of In-store Impact

What might it be worth to your business to ensure that shoppers enjoyed a perfect in-store experience on every shopping expedition?

A great deal I am sure. The reality is however that it’s a massive challenge to achieve. Poor execution reduces market share for both brand owners and retailers. So how might you define an ideal shopper experience? Probably where

– The store has the brand and sku the shopper is looking for (And even if she is looking for another brand to get her attention and offer a reason to switch she can’t refuse)
– It’s easily findable when she’s there
– She is not “over-choiced” and an attractive alternative catches her attention
– – It’s comparatively well priced, so the value equation balances
– There’s a compelling promotional offer that seals the deal

It’s my view that there are 3 things that come together to create “the perfect purchase”.

1: Execution. The bedrock. A passport factor, getting your execution in-store greased is far more of a challenge than it’s presented to be. The challenges of meshing your brand being available in multiple channels, across geographies with off take varying hugely through the week and month is just the beginning. Maintaining forward share in the face of aggressive competitor activity, reconciling store systems with stock on hand, managing returns and stock modelling ham-stringing promotional activity add to the obstacle course.

2: Shopper. Know thy shopper. Whilst most marketers have a keen understanding of their consumer, the consideration set she might use to shop the category and that particular outlet is less well understood. Shopper intelligence is a great start to being able to get into her frame of mind and reference when she faces the shelf. Together with your consumer insights, you have a great recipe for a creative campaigns idea that will appeal.

3: Brand. Talk to me. Forget Consumer vs Shopper. Think of me as a person. There is a great of science behind “the shopper” but beware that you don’t discount the fact that I am an emotional decision maker. Making a meaningful life-connection with me will win every time, even over price. Challenge my perceptions and paradigms, surprise me, understand what will make me laugh or cry. Engage my senses, understand my rituals and routines. Know what is most important to me and what is not. Reach out and touch me. I seek connection. Before considering the transaction, try to rather translate your broader brand communication into real reasons to buy. Talk sense to me. Then I’m sold. Face to face engagement at the shelf is expensive and can be ineffectual. It also has the potential to be the ultimate marketing tool.

We need our needs to be met, but we want so much more than this.

We need product, but we prefer brands, brands that tell us stories, that entertain and inspire us. At home, at play and in-store.

Excellent execution together with communication that is on brand and plugged into a human insight, presented with an offer I can’t refuse – has to deliver the ultimate impact in-store.

In-store Impact. Delivered