Intelligence + Inspiration

Shopper Research Services
Once our client’s brands are listed, displayed and looking their best, we partner with our clients in helping shoppers choose them over competitors.

PacknStack has a unique lens from the shelf backwards and we work with leading Shopper Intelligence agencies to gain key insight that unlocks client thinking around shopper strategy.

Combining our knowledge of the retail environment, its potential and limitations together with a better understanding of how the shopper shops your category, allows us to add value to your brand planning and mine the insights that will inform effective in-store activation strategies.


Shopper Marketing Campaign Ideas
Effective shopper marketing is more than transactional and sell, sell, sell.

It creates meaningful connections and experiences with shoppers, influencing them to choose your brand. It builds on the brand connections established before they arrive at the shelf.

Armed with both consumer and shopper insight, we work with leading creatives to design campaign ideas that leverage and activate the emotional triggers inherent in your brand equity. Beyond this, we ensure the promotion is practical and likely to deliver the return on investment you require.

Great ideas, well executed = In-store Impact.