Shopper Conversion

Choose promoters, with retail savvy.

Consumers in buying mode are shoppers. The brand however, remains the brand.

Great brand ideas live everywhere and when they are brought to life across platforms, including at the shelf, the impact is amplified.

Retailers equally are trying to build brand differentiation. We believe that co-created campaigns that blend both manufacturer and retailer or customer ambitions have the potential to be most powerful. Viewing your ideas through both lenses is ideal in creating an activation that is fully endorsed and supported by the retailer. We will work with you to tailor your “big brand” idea or offering by retailer.

brand-crier-07Two broad categories of promoters, each with distinct strengths and training preparation will deliver the in-store impact you are looking for. All of our promoter training includes retail brand training as well as how the stores back-end works to ensure optimal field force connectivity to maximise stock pressure throughout the promotional weekend and the follow up week.

The Brand Crier
News to announce in the aisle?
Special offer you want to shout about?
Shopper-stopping innovation?

Think of these promoters as attention-getting “bell-ringers” or Brand Crier’s.

Hard sales focus, these dynamic promoters will be on their toes and not let a shopper pass by without ensuring they know what they are missing.

The Category Concierge

Product education needed?
Help shoppers better understand and navigate a category?
Promote several brands or product formats within a category?
Educate around an ideal regime?

A Category Concierge is ideal.

Focussed on either one brand at a time, a branded range or even a company-wide basket of goods you’d like promoted, our ladies and gents are a cut-above. Their training will always comprise both category and shopper understanding.
Face to face is the ultimate marketing opportunity to listen, to share and to sell.