In 2005 the shareholders of PacknStack donated 25% of the business to the PacknStack Staff Trust. Anyone who has been in the business for more than 2 years becomes a member and benefits annually with a dividend payout the size of which is related directly to number of years of service, rather than seniority or status.

For many members of staff this makes a very material difference to their lives, and is a valuable staff retention incentive.

Trust Staff Quotes

The share trust money has improved my life because I have managed to buy things that I couldn’t do with my salary. I managed to build a wall around my house and redo my whole house floors with ceramic tiles. I am proud to be working for PacknStack – Enoch Mbidi : Mpumalanga

The Trust money has helped me in many ways because my children’s school fees are now paid in time and I have also built an outside room, which is now comfortable for me and my two daughters. – Tryphosa Molepo : Gauteng

It’s a good thing what Pack n Stack does because I have used the money to buy things that will always make me remember and appreciate working for PacknStack. – Tomas Livhina : Limpopo