Meet Mary, a Sales Assistant. Except, she doesn’t exist.

Suggestive retail 1

Rather than engage with a cold-hearted touch screen in the mall or the bank when you need to find a shop, or have a question, you may soon be engaging with cold-blooded Mary, or perhaps a family member anyway.
Mary is one of Omni ISG’s demo virtual sales assistants. She is a life-sized hologram who is designed for front of house or a retail role – where simple information can be imparted triggered by a question or a scan. She and a few extended family members have been tested in various environments where they have attracted great attention and excitement. Asda tested a hologram in their Milton Keynes store in January and US Pharmacy chain Duane Reade have begun to use them for shopper information.

Novelty for now perhaps, but tomorrow…?

• OMNI ISG offer technology solutions that transform selling and are part of the Omnicom Group.