Founder Mervyn Haywood began the business in the North West of South Africa in 1976. Systematically over the next decade new territories were built, as was a reputation for reliability and excellent service. Partnerships were forged regionally as client demand grew and the groundwork was laid for a national service. In 2000, seven businesses formed a united national infrastructure under the PacknStack banner.

Some milestones along the way have included:

Staff Ownership: A 25% shareholding of the business was passed onto staff in 2005. A Staff Trust holds the shares and any member of staff who has worked for 2 years or more for the business automatically becomes a beneficiary, regardless of seniority. Any dividends are shared between beneficiaries strictly according to their years of service only. As owners our staff are uniquely committed to the outcomes they are responsible for in ensuring PnS’ success.

Partner for Growth: In 2013 a majority shareholding in PnS was purchased by CA Sales Holdings. A PSG company CA Sales is a collective of similar businesses that operate across southern Africa. The deal provided PnS with solid balance sheet backing and a unique ‘family’ advantage to deliver for clients across the region.

Channel & Service Expansion: In 2016 and 2017 PnS acquired majority shareholding in Array Marketing and Surapax, both who have an excellent reputation servicing the Hardware sector.
PnS has had a rich history of steady growth and have retained our biggest founding clients over several decades. We are however never complacent about what we are entrusted with delivering to our clients and are evolving to ensure that we continue to deliver on our promises in a rapidly changing environment.